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Our products: The biggest global culture media suppliers and exporters.We provide the cheapest and best growth medium products,EIA kit and cell culture.
Our advantages:
1. We can provide more than 500,000 kinds of products(eg,culture media,Elisa kit), and have serviced more than 60,000 customers.
2. Rich supply of products: We can supply culture media,Elisa kit,Food additives, Pharmaceutical raw materials, Sexual enhancement raw materials, Biochemical raw materials. To meet your purchasing needs.
3. Quick quotation: We will reply you within one working day after receiving your emails.
4. Discount and Special offers: We always push many kinds of Special offers periodically, and inform you in earliest time.

We sincerely welcome friends around the world to contact us. Whether you contact us for business or need any helpfrom us, we are pleased to answer you in time, we would like to make friends around the world, develop together!




Bolise Co., Ltd. 

Shanghai Office: 78 Xinya, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China. 
Xiamen Office:299 Hudong Rd, Xiamen, China. 

Email: (Reply within 1 working day) 
Tel: +86 592 5365868

Working Time: 9:00--18:00(Shanghai GMT+8), Monday—Friday